I’m Using a Paper-based System. Why Should I Upgrade to Tanning Salon Software?

I’m Using a Paper-based System. Why Should I Upgrade to Tanning Salon Software?

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Are you still using a paper-based management system in your tanning salon? If so, it might be time to think about upgrading. Physical appointment diaries and tanning client record cards are widely regarded as an inefficient and outdated way of managing a sunbed shop.  

To keep up with your competitors in the digital age, it’s well worth investing in tanning salon software. Whether you use a computer, iMac, iPad or any other device, ActiveSalon can help you keep your client details organised, manage your bookings and much more. Read on to discover the many benefits of upgrading to ActiveSalon sunbed shop software (UK).  

What Is Tanning Salon Management Software?

Tanning salon computer software is a modern, digital way of managing a tanning salon. Rather than keeping paper client records in a filing cabinet, the information is stored in a virtual database. You can view clients’ personal details, purchase history, upcoming bookings and signed disclaimers at the touch of a button.

It also acts as a virtual appointment diary. You can create, view and amend bookings through your device, and schedule automatic appointment reminders. Clients can even manage their own bookings online through a web app.

Why Is Tanning Salon Software Better than a Paper-Based System?

There are many great reasons to consider upgrading to ActiveSalon tanning salon software (UK). Here are some of the key ways in which your business could benefit from digital tanning salon management.   


Tanning salon booking software is much more efficient than paper-based systems in practically every way. For example:

  • It saves space. With cloud-based storage, you can say goodbye to endless filing cabinets filled with paper client records and disclaimer forms.
  • It saves time. Locating a client record or upcoming appointment takes a matter of seconds – there’s no need to spend time rifling through documents. It’s also much quicker to add new clients and bookings digitally, rather than writing everything out by hand.
  • It improves customer experience. With ActiveSalon, your clients can make and manage their bookings online, rather than having to call or visit. They’ll also receive automatic appointment reminders, so they never miss their session.

A well-organised, digitally managed tanning salon always appears more professional to clients. This will help to encourage loyalty and to improve your brand reputation.


ActiveSalon is web-based and works on almost any platform, including Windows PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones and Android smartphones. Whether you’re in your salon, at home or travelling, you can access the software anywhere, anytime.

There are no limits to the number of devices you can run ActiveSalon from. If your salon has multiple branches, staff members can log in simultaneously. There’s no need to make physical copies of client records to be kept at each location.

What’s more, the software syncs in real time. Any changes made to bookings or client details are instantly updated on every device you use.


Physical documents can easily become misplaced or damaged – and if this happens, you could face a fine. According to data protection laws, businesses must protect customers’ personal data from theft, accidental loss, destruction and damage.

With ActiveSalon, your clients’ personal information is stored securely on remote servers in accordance with GDPR. Being cloud-based, your data remains safe and intact even if your device malfunctions.

Tanning Safety

Every tanning salon has a responsibility to minimise the risks of UV exposure. It’s crucial to advise customers on safe tanning limits and have a policy in place to prevent sunbed misuse.

Using a paper-based system always comes with an increased risk of human error. For example, you may accidentally miscalculate the safe UV limit according to a client’s skin type for tanning.

Sunbed salon software makes safeguarding your customers much easier. With ActiveSalon, you can specify a maximum allowed sunbed session duration for each skin type. You can also create a safety policy specifying the number of sessions permitted in a certain period. If a new booking exceeds this limit, a warning will be displayed, and the client will be required to accept a legal disclaimer.

Extra Features

The best tanning salon software offers so much more than digital client and booking management. ActiveSalon comes with a multitude of innovative features to help you run your business efficiently and professionally.

For example, if attached to a till, ActiveSalon doubles as your POS terminal. It can tender cash and card payments and generate comprehensive sales reports. It can even control your sunbeds remotely through tanning salon software T-max integration.

You can discover all of these useful features (and more) with our three-month free tanning salon software trial. To learn more about ActiveSalon, click here to read our guide to automated appointment reminders.

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