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Tanning salon software to help your business shine, for £2.96 per day.

ActiveSalon is the leading UK-based software for tanning salons. If you want to ensure you’re retaining clients, saving time and complying with tanning industry guidelines, we can help.

What we offer

All the tools and resources needed to grow your business

Innovative and industry-leading, ActiveSalon software provides everything you need to successfully run a tanning salon and grow your business with multi-site management. Our new and improved system boasts a range of features allowing you to handle online reservations, view clients’ credits and purchase history, and safely access your tanning business data from anywhere, on any device.

Better still? It costs only £2.96 per day, as much as a daily cup of coffee on the way to work (£1080pa + VAT).

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Discover important insights on your dashboard

With automated reporting and sunbed usage tracking features included, ActiveSalon helps you to discover important insights and tailor your client marketing strategy. Receive real-time information from multiple salon locations.


Smart, Powerful & Integrated

Easy-to-use and adaptable, ActiveSalon is an essential all-in-one tool for tanning businesses with one or multiple salons. Our software can be integrated with TMAX and has the option to import or convert data from other tanning salon software providers.

Active Salon booking system
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Manage Customer Bookings

A client web app, secure access to customer records, credits and previous purchases means it's easier than ever to manage customer bookings at your tanning salon. Grow your services with block bookings management and tiered pricing.

How ActiveSalon Helps

Core Features

A quick and intelligent POS system means you can track a range of payment methods across multiple salons and send out appointment reminders and E-receipts when using ActiveSalon tanning business software .

Active Salon web app

Online bookings

Your clients can book online through the custom ActiveSalon web app.

Active Salon cloud storage

Cloud-based client database

Client details are automatically stored in our cloud-based client records database, and are accessible anywhere, anytime.

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Multi-location management tools

Even if you run multiple locations, all of your clients' records are accessible through ActiveSalon.

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Stock management

ActiveSalon sends you low stock alerts, and can help you pinpoint your best selling products, maximising profitability.

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Reporting tools

Quickly and easily generate reports on products, top clients, locations, and more.

support services

UK-based support

If there's anything you're unsure about, our remote support team are here to help.

I'd just like to say a huge thank you to all the team at Activesalon.com. Since investing in the superb software my salon runs more smoothly, my self, staff and not to mention clients love how easy it is to operate our salon. Our gross profit has increased as the system has so much helpful and detailed information. If you have any problems its sorted in one phone call. Amazing 5 star service. Big thank you.

Dale Hoggins
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Tanning Industry Compliant

Besides GDPR-compliant data processing and secure back-up, ActiveSalon software can ensure your tanning business follows all tanning industry guidelines and safety policies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions by ActiveSalon software clients.

As a company, we’ve owned tanning salons since the 90s and we built ActiveSalon with tanning in mind, from day one. There are hundreds of different software companies advertising within the tanning industry, but they’re primarily focussed on hair, beauty and nail salons. The way those businesses operate is fundamentally different from a tanning salon, you may find that you’re shoe-horning your business to work with their software. We’re different because we’re in our fourth decade of focussing on tanning primarily. We’ve built up relationships within the industry and helped hundreds of tanning salons worldwide in that time.

Most salons tend to focus their growth strategy on promotions and social media marketing. These are effective to an extent, but if you’re doing what most other salons do, it’s unlikely you’ll achieve more growth than them.

Are you tracking which clients you’ve lost and why? Do you automatically check how satisfied your current clients are? Do you reward clients for referring their friends to your salon? Do you compare how effective each promotion has been? Do you know why each client initially visited your salon or how they heard about you?

These actions aren’t revolutionary, they’ve been tried and tested by successful businesses in many industries for decades. The simple fact is that most tanning salon owners don’t have the time or ability to do this work because they’re working inefficiently. ActiveSalon can incorporate these actions into the daily running of your salon and ensure your future growth strategies are built on factual data and real client feedback.

There are so many benefits to upgrading from client record cards to ActiveSalon. Firstly, time. If you’re having to trawl through your record cards, calculate courses and write all the details down, your clients will be waiting when you could be serving them swiftly. You’ll also save time with our reporting suite, helping you see takings, client information and much more at the click of a button.

There are security and compliance concerns with record cards too. With ActiveSalon you have to put a sale through the system before your sunbeds are activated. The software will ensure the client has paid the correct amount, is over 18, has an appropriate skin type and isn’t overusing the beds. All data stored is GDPR compliant too.

Finally (and arguably most importantly), ActiveSalon gives you the control and knowledge to drive your tanning business ahead of the competition. For example, you can use ActiveSalon to identify which clients have stopped visiting your salon in the last few months and encourage them to return with a promotion. You can see who your best clients are. You can see what beds are more popular, which creams sell faster and what courses are most effective.

Simply put, ActiveSalon quickly and efficiently gives you the information you, as a tanning salon owner, need to grow your business from just £2.96 per day.

ActiveSalon essentially has no minimum requirement. ActiveSalon Cloud should work on any device including Windows PC, iPad/tablet, Mac, smartphones etc. as long as there’s an internet connection. Our recommended spec is:

Windows 10 (or later),

i5 processor (or higher)


20 mbps internet speed 

Our free trial is longer than any of our competitors for good reason.

Most of our clients are looking for a solid, bug-free piece of software with a friendly, but hard-working support team on hand to train you and help with any issues that may arise.

We believe that ActiveSalon is the best software on the market and that we, as a company provide the best service in the industry.

We’re so confident that you’ll agree too, that we put our money where our mouth is. We’ll set everything up, build your database, train you and ensure everything runs smoothly for 3 months before we ask you to pay. After 3 months you’ll know if we’re the right fit for you or not. If not our promise to our clients is that we’ll make moving away from ActiveSalon as easy as we possibly can – so far we have a 100% record of keeping clients following on from their free trials so we’re content that it’s a pursuit worth continuing.

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