One price, one package. Simple! Enjoy ActiveSalon at just £2.96 per day.

That’s as much as a daily cup of coffee on the way to work!

One low price.
Every feature included.
Only £90pm / £1080pa + VAT.

We don't do tiered pricing, add-ons, pay-per-login or pay-per-terminal pricing. Every single feature of ActiveSalon is available for one low price.

Bookings manager

Clients can book through the ActiveSalon web app, and you can manage their bookings remotely from any device.

Client records system

Gone are the days of bulky paper client records! ActiveSalon has a searchable complete client records system you can access through the Cloud.

Reporting tools

Do you run multiple salons? Do you sell products as well as run tanning beds? Our reporting tools figure out how, when and where your salons make the most money.

T-Max Manager Integration

T-Max Manager/Pro is the best-selling front desk salon control system, and ActiveSalon integration allows you to automate everything it does.

Why a flat rate?

At ActiveSalon, we firmly believe in providing a service that costs the same for everyone. No matter who you are, how many salons you run, or how many employees you have, ActiveSalon will cost you the same low price. That’s because:

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No nonsense

Do you need tanning salon software for automated reporting, or to integrate with T-Max Manager, or so that you can access client records through the Cloud? Well, you can do it all with ActiveSalon at no extra cost. We won't make you upgrade, add-on, or pay more for extras, and we'll never tell you 'that feature is for Premium members only.'

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New features

At ActiveSalon, we're always hard at work coming up with new features. When we add them, you get access to them too: not just 'Premium' or 'Enterprise' customers.

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Simple, predictable

Other tanning salon software providers charge by the number of terminals or staff logins you use, so that when you succeed, they take more of what you make. We'll never penalise you for trying to grow your business: you can have as many staff logins as you want, at as many locations as you have, at one flat fee.

Ready to level up your tanning salon? Have a free trial, on us.