7 Tips for Designing the Perfect Tanning Salon Logo 

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When starting up your own tanning salon business, there’s a lot to plan and think about. Along with finding premises, sourcing equipment and choosing your tanning salon software, you must create a strong brand.  

Your logo acts as ambassador for your business. It’s the first thing potential customers will see and base their first impressions upon. So, it’s important to design an effective logo that will reflect your brand and set you apart from the competition.  

Below, we’ve put together seven valuable tanning salon logo design tips. Read on to discover how to create a strong, memorable motif for your new tanning salon. 

1) Do Your Research 

Before you begin designing your logo, do your research. This means understanding your target market and what they’re looking for in a tanning salon.  

Take some time to look at other tanning salon logos and see what works for them. This will help you get a feel for the overall aesthetic you’re going for. 

Familiarise yourself with trends and themes – you could even create a mood board to gather your tanning salon logo ideas. However, be careful not to copy someone else’s design. Your logo should be unique and stand out from the crowd.

2) Consider Colour Symbolism

Every colour has an underlying meaning. The shade you choose for your tanning salon logo will communicate a lot about your brand. For example: 

  • Orange symbolises the sun, conveying warmth, energy and vitality 
  • Pink exudes a flirty, feminine vibe 
  • Green represents health, freshness and life
  • Purple signifies luxury and sophistication 
  • Blue conveys relaxation, peace and trust 

Whatever you settle on, focus on simplicity. Choose one or two colours and stick to them throughout your branding. Using too many different shades may look messy and unprofessional.

3) Keep Icons Relevant and Simple

When it comes to symbols for your tanning salon logo, choose one that is appropriate and relevant. Your iconography should convey a clear visual message about what kind of business you are.  

Many tanning salon logos incorporate beach imagery, such as suns and palm trees. This puts potential customers in mind of tropical holidays and sunbathing. For a generic beauty salon logo, something like a bottle of nail polish may work better. 

Keep the design simple: you don’t want your logo to look too cluttered or confusing. A straightforward, well-designed icon will be much more eye-catching and memorable. Create something that is recognisable from a distance as well as up close. 

4) Incorporate Your Company Name

One mistake that business owners sometimes make is failing to incorporate their company name into the logo design. This can make it difficult for customers to identify your brand. 

By looking at your logo, potential customers should immediately know your name and understand that you’re a tanning salon. An image without an accompanying name could be confusing and unclear. It may work for multinational corporations like Apple, but it’s not ideal for new businesses. 

You can also include a simple, memorable tagline – such as ‘let yourself shine’ or ‘life is better bronzed’. 

5) Select an Appropriate Font

Any text in your tanning salon logo should be clear and easy to read, even when resized. The last thing you want is for someone to have to squint to read your name or tagline. 

Choose a high-contrast colour for your text. Black text on a white background is the classic example, but experiment with what works for you. The shade you choose should complement the rest of the logo and not clash. 

With regards to the typeface, keep your target market in mind. A clean sans serif font is ideal for a fresh, contemporary vibe. For a more luxury feel, a bold all-caps serif typeface could work well.

6) Use a High Quality Image Format

Your tanning salon logo is the first thing customers will lay eyes upon when viewing your website and socials. It should therefore look polished and professional. If your logo looks blurry or pixelated, hours of careful design work will have gone to waste. 

Ideally, use scalable vector graphics (SVG). This is the gold standard for logos. It’s a lossless format that can be scaled up or down without any degradation in quality. Experiment with resizing and printing your logo at different resolutions to see how it looks in a variety of applications.

7) Get as Much Feedback as Possible

Once you’ve created a first draft of your tanning salon logo, seek feedback from others. Show your design to friends, family members and potential customers. Ask questions such as:  

  • How does the logo make you feel? 
  • Is it memorable? Does it stand out? 
  • Is there anything you particularly like or dislike? 
  • If you saw this logo, what would you assume about the company? 

The more feedback you receive, the better chance you have of creating a logo that will accurately reflect your business and appeal to your target market. Take this feedback into consideration as you finalise your design.  

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