13 Top Retail Products to Sell in Your Tanning Salon

13 Top Retail Products to Sell in Your Tanning Salon | ActiveSalon

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Stocking a selection of retail products is a great way to maximise your tanning salon’s income. If you’re wondering how to sell retail products in a salon, it couldn’t be easier.

You can find a range of tanning salon products wholesale online. Setting up a shop near your till will create the opportunity to upsell to clients after their sessions. You can monitor your retail income and see your best- and worst-selling products using software like ActiveSalon.

But what kinds of tanning salon products should you sell? Read on to discover 13 fantastic tanning salon retail ideas.

1. Tanning Lotions

Tan accelerators, lotions and moisturisers are by far the most important tanning salon retail products. Lotions are incredibly appealing to sun-seekers – they help to hydrate the skin and maximise the results of a sunbed session.

You can find tanning salon lotions wholesale for a good price. Keep a good selection of budget and premium options available, as well as specialist products for sensitive skin. Set up tanning salon lotion displays in the reception area to tempt clients before and after their appointment.

2. UV Goggles

UV goggles are another one of the top salon retail products you should offer in your sunbed shop. Wearing eye protection is one of the most important tanning safety guidelines your customers should follow.

In the UK, tanning salons are required to ensure all sunbed users wear eye protection. Many salons choose to provide cheap, disposable eye coverings for free. But why not offer your clients the option of purchasing high-quality, reusable UV goggles as well?

3. Swimwear

Bikinis, swimsuits and sarongs always sell well in the warmer months, when tanning salon patrons are preparing for their summer holidays. Your clients may not visit you with the intention of purchasing new swimwear – but it just might catch their eye!

Some customers may even buy a bikini to wear while tanning, if they don’t feel like stripping down completely. Keep an eye out for the latest trends and stock a selection of styles and sizes to suit all body types.

4. Sandals

If you’re selling swimwear, you can’t forget about the all-important sandals – another beach day essential. As with bikinis and swimming costumes, you’ll find that these sell best as the summer approaches. Look for a variety of options that will complement your clients’ beachwear, from wedges to flip flops.

5. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are the ultimate summer accessory, and they’re ideal for showing off a brand-new tan. As many of your customers will be jetting off on their holidays after their sunbed session, sunglasses are guaranteed best-sellers.

Stocking a diverse selection of styles (both men’s and women’s) is key – that way, you’ll appeal to a wider range of customers.

6. Skincare and Cosmetics

As well as tanning and beach-related items, it’s a good idea to carry a range of skincare and cosmetics. Remember that a tanning salon’s target market is typically interested in beauty as a whole.

After-sun and self-tanning products are always popular, and can help your clients maintain their glow between sunbed sessions. Makeup such as bronzing powder, lip gloss and waterproof mascara also tends to sell well.

7. Drinks and Snacks

Your clients will appreciate a cool drink after their sunbed session, so make sure to offer a variety of beverages. For example:

  • Bottled water
  • Smoothies
  • Protein shakes
  • Vitamin drinks
  • Fruit juices
  • Iced tea

Don’t forget about snacks! Anything you can eat on-the-go, such as fresh fruit, nuts, popcorn and protein bars, will be popular. Keep them right next to the till to tempt your customers as they’re paying.

8. Towels

Towels are always useful at tanning salons – they’re ideal for providing privacy while getting changed. They can also be used to protect any part of the body that the person may not wish to tan.

If a client forgets to bring their own towel, they’ll appreciate having the option to buy (or rent) one. And in the meantime, a stack of fluffy towels makes for great tanning salon décor.

9. Gift Vouchers

If your tanning salon isn’t already selling vouchers or gift cards, you’re missing out. Vouchers sell very well at tanning salons, as they make perfect presents for friends and family.

The best thing about gift vouchers, of course, is that the lucky recipients will visit your salon to use them. So, they may become a new loyal client – and you can upsell other salon retail products while they’re there.

10. Teeth Whitening Kits

Many people visit tanning salons just before important events, such as holidays, weddings and birthdays. They’ll want to look their best – and what’s better for showing off a sun-kissed complexion than a pearly-white smile?

At-home teeth whitening kits are some of the most popular products to sell in a tanning salon. You can find DIY kits at various price points, so there will be something to suit every budget.

11. Branded Merchandise

Selling branded merchandise is not only a great way to boost your income; it’s also a handy form of tanning salon marketing. It could help you to:

  • Maintain brand awareness – while using the product, your clients will be reminded of your tanning salon
  • Increase brand loyalty – consumer research shows that owning branded products creates positive memories attached to a business

You can have a range of items printed with your tanning salon logo, including t-shirts, water bottles, pens and keyrings.

12. Jewellery

Like makeup, jewellery is always a winner among the beauty-conscious individuals who visit tanning salons. So, keep your salon retail area stocked with a variety of eye-catching rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. You never know, your clients may just be tempted to treat themselves after their sunbed session.

13. Weight Management Products

People who use sunbeds tend to be more conscious of their appearance – in other words, they care about how they look. Weight management products, such as meal replacement shakes and diet supplements, are among the most popular things to sell in a tanning salon.

Tanning salon software, such as ActiveSalon, can help you track your sales and monitor your best- and worst-selling products.

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