How Does ActiveSalon’s Tiered Pricing Functionality Work?

How Does ActiveSalon’s Tiered Pricing Functionality Work?

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Offering tiered pricing in your tanning salon will allow you to charge different prices for different sessions and courses. This is particularly useful if you have more than one type of sunbed – e.g. both lie-down tanning beds and stand-up booths. For example, you could charge more for beds that are in higher demand, or that cost more to run.

With ActiveSalon, the number one tanning salon software (UK), it’s quick and easy to create tanning sessions and courses at differing price points. You can also set up tiered credit systems – such as ‘Standard’ and ‘Premium’, or ‘Bronze’, ‘Silver’ and ‘Gold’. Read on to learn exactly how to do it.

How Does Tiered Pricing Work in ActiveSalon?

Tanning salons typically charge for sunbed use on a ‘price per minute’ basis. Longer courses are offered at a discounted rate, and can be split across multiple appointments.

With ActiveSalon tanning salon booking software, you can set up tiered credit systems, allowing you to create courses and sessions at different price points. When a course is purchased, the correct number of corresponding credits will be added to the client’s account. They can then redeem these credits against eligible sessions.

ActiveSalon will automatically keep track of each client’s remaining credits within the tanning salon computer software database. The tanning salon management software will also prevent lower-tier credits from being used to book higher-tier sunbed sessions.

How to Set Up Tiered Pricing with ActiveSalon Software

To set up a tiered pricing structure within ActiveSalon, follow these four simple steps. 

1.      Add Your Resource Types

First, decide how many price levels your tanning salon will offer. For example, let’s assume that your tanning salon has two types of sunbeds: Standard and Premium. These are your ‘resource types’.

Under System Maintenance > Resource Types, click ‘Add’. Enter the name of the resource type (e.g. Standard Tanning or Premium Tanning) and select a safety policy. Then click ‘Save’.

Now you can add your resources – i.e. each individual sunbed. Navigate to Resources, click ‘Add’, and input the name/number of the tanning bed. Specify the resource type (Standard or Premium) and which branch of your salon it is located in. If the sunbed is connected to a T-max timer, you can also enter its unique Device ID.

2.      Set Up Your Credit Systems

The next step is to create a credit system for each level of tanning. In System Maintenance > Credit Systems, click ‘Add’ and enter the name of the credit system (e.g. Standard or Premium credits).

In the Unit Price field, select the price of 1 credit. For example, a Standard credit may cost £1.00, while a Premium credit may cost £1.50.

If you wish to set up a referral rewards system, you can also specify the number of Reward Credits. This is the number of corresponding credits that will be added to a client’s ActiveSalon account when they refer a friend. If the new client books a Standard session or course, the referrer will receive Standard credits, and vice versa.

3.      Create Tanning Sessions

Once your sunbed salon software credit systems are in place, you can set up your tanning sessions and courses. To add a session (a single tanning appointment), go to System Maintenance > Sessions and click ‘Add’. You will need to specify:

  • The name of the session
  • Duration in minutes
  • Retail price
  • Which branch of your salon the session is available at (if none are selected, it will be available at all branches)
  • Whether the session can be booked online
  • Resource type (e.g. Standard Tanning or Premium Tanning)
  • Decrement credits (the number of credits deducted if the session is booked as part of a course – e.g. a 10-minute session may be worth 10 credits)
  • Which credit system(s) it is linked to (e.g. selecting Standard means that Standard credits can be used to purchase the session)

If you wish to allow clients to purchase Standard sessions using both Standard and Premium credits, select both credit systems. However, ensure that Premium sessions are only linked to the Premium credit system.

4.      Create Tanning Courses

Purchasing a course will add a block of credits to the client’s account in the tanning salon software database. They can then use these credits to pay for sessions that are linked to the same credit system.

Under System Maintenance > Courses, click ‘Add’ to set up a new course. Then, input the following details:

  • The name of the course
  • Retail price
  • Branch
  • Credit system (which type of credits will be awarded – e.g. Standard or Premium)
  • Active days (the number of days until the credits expire)
  • Increment credits (the number of credits that the client will receive – e.g. 90 credits for a 90-minute course)

You can set up as many sessions and courses as you like for each credit system in the salon booking software. For example, you may offer 60, 90 and 120-minute tanning courses at both Standard and Premium prices.

Along with tiered pricing, ActiveSalon sunbed shop software (UK) comes with many useful features to help you run your business. Click here to learn what makes ActiveSalon different to other salon software UK providers.

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